Nokia Corporation - Supporters of the Budapest Technical meeting

The CAPANINA Consortium would like to record their grateful thanks to the Nokia Corporation for their generous support of the Technical meeting held in Budapest on Wednesday/Thursday 24/25th November 2004.

The meeting enabled the partners in this European Union funded research project to meet, give presentations on their current work and to discuss their plans for the future, including a stratospheric balloon trial in August 2005 and further collaborative work with Japanese partners in their Pathfinder trials in 2006.

Such encouraging support will not only promote the global development of High Altitude Platforms for communications but it also demonstrates the interest shown by the European electronics communications industry in this exciting new technology.

Work programme overview

The CAPANINA project involves 13 partners from across Europe plus one from Japan.

To facilitate efficient progress activities are divided into six workpackages (WPs) as shown below.
Workpackages 1 to 5, due to their advanced nature, are classified as Research, Technological development and innovation related activities.
Workpackage 6 supports Project management.
WP1 Applications and Services
WP1.1 Application identification and selection
WP1.2 Business Models
WP1.3 Architecture Design and Networking
WP2 Communication Links and Networking
WP2.1 Standards
WP2.2 Propagation aspects and Diversity Methods
WP2.3 Radio Interface and Baseband signal processing
WP2.4 Resource Management and Spectrum sharing
WP2.5 Networking and QoS
WP3 Communication Nodes
WP3.1 Communication Equipment for trials
WP3.2 Steerable Antenna Technology: EM, RF and Mechatroinc aspects
WP3.3 Steerable Antenna Technology: Signal Processing aspects
WP3.4 Optical Communications terminals
WP4 System Test Bed
WP4.1 Test session operational scheme
WP4.2 Aerial Support
WP4.3 Testbed implementation
WP4.4 Trial / Measurements
WP5 Dissemination and Exploitations
WP6 Project Management