WP5 Dissemination and Exploitation

Effective dissemination of information generated by the project is essential, not only to ensure all partners are fully aware of the whole team"s ongoing results but also to ensure a clear foundation on which to build any future commercialisation or research activity. Effective use of the Internet and web sites, (as already referred to in section 6.3) is a key enabling resource, subject to ensuring adequate protection of IP.

The size, experiences, geography and focus of the academic and industrial organisations within the CAPANINA consortium will underpin this activity. The well-balanced mix of skills will be proactively used to fulfil the dissemination function.

We propose to adopt a similar strategy to that taken in the HeliNet project. We expect to publish in leading journals: IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, IEE Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Personal Communications, IEEE Communications Magazine, Electronic and Communications Engineering Journal, and Electronics Letters.

We also expect to submit to conferences: e.g. IST Mobile Summit, GLOBECOM, ICC, PIMRC, WPMC, and at the Stratospheric Systems Workshop in Japan. HAPs conference sessions will be organised in these conferences if appropriate.

The general public will be kept up-to-date with frequent press releases, an interactive web site, and when viable, TV and radio coverage.