WP1 Applications and Services

This workpackage will evaluate candidate applications and operating scenarios for delivery by broadband HAPs, provide marketing and business modelling information, and derive network requirements.

Applications and services will be based on predicted mobile and fixed applications.

The most suitable applications conforming to the CAPANINA scenario will be selected.
For instance applications that require high data rates in both directions will be selected, e.g. the Internet, corporate communications, cellular and entertainment market sectors.

The analysis will evaluate competitive and disruptive technologies for the foreseeable future, and from this a set of compelling applications suited to broadband HAPs will be derived.

Suitable business models will be derived with the emphasis on providing "Broadband for All".

The roles and actors in the value chains for the services will be defined. An approximate capex and recurring cost analysis of providing services and predict revenues for the services from the Service Provider and HAP network operator viewpoint will be performed.

For each service defined a likely cost, value and life-cycle evaluation, using a standard business framework such as the eTOM from the Telemanagement Forum will be carried out.

Acceptance criteria will be derived and services will be chosen that promise acceptable likely performance.

This workpackage will build on work carried out in the HeliNet project, extending the existing models to take account of the new proposed scenarios.

To determine the economic viability of aerial platform based networks the following will be taken into account :
  1. Analysis of life cycles of broadband products
  2. Analysis of potential market
  3. Analysis of existing systems costs for example, from Japan, Korea, USA, etc
The model will also evaluate the commercial risk of the differing technologies. Mitigation strategies will be employed.

For each selected service a set of network architecture requirements will be derived including interworking / integration with other networks essential for providing the services. This will include satellite HAP interconnectivity and backhaul.

For the services chosen to go forward for trial, the network architecture requirements will be provided for the trials network.

The technical risks will be also assessed for the selected services that meet the business criteria.