SkyLINC Limited

SkyLINC Ltd is a York-based, telecommunications design and system integration company, targeting a global market for the cost-effective delivery of broadband wireless communications.

Established by communications engineers in May 2000, the company has developed an innovative technology to reduce wireless infrastructure costs, that is particularly relevant during the initial roll out and customer acquisition stages of a wireless operatorís growth.

The team has been working for over four years on exploiting communications from High Altitude Platforms (HAPs), tethered platforms, Aerostats, and associated microwave systems.

Their work has now led to SKYLINC being able to offer a single Aerostat platform that achieves similar radio coverage to a terrestrial based network requiring between 20 - 200 base sites.

SkyLINC have completed flight trials of a communications payload at Rufforth, UK in September 2002.

SkyLINCís contribution to CAPANINA will be responsible for providing a tethered aerostat test vehicle and RF equipment, and carrying out selected trials/measurements.

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