Research activities

CAPANINA is adopting a multi-strand approach, building on the broadband to fixed users outline system design developed as part of the HeliNet project.
  • Identification of appropriate applications and services and associated business models that will help to deliver "Broadband for All". This includes the establishing the most appropriate network architectures, and will include wireless and free space optical link technologies, and multiple platform technologies and spectrum sharing.
  • The development of a system testbed that will allow nearer-term tests of broadband services/applications to fixed users, including: high-speed Internet, corporate communications and video-on-demand. Propagation measurements will also be taken, along with an evaluation of free space optical technology. The system testbed will be developed in stages, providing maximum scope to develop and refine test equipment and strategies.
  • Longer-term state-of-the-art research and innovation examining advanced mobile broadband access. An outline system design and critical hardware will be developed for a scenario that will deliver broadband to trains, interfacing with on-board wireless LAN base stations.