Business Perspective

Broadband is a very topical subject – there is substantial media interest in how people can get connected.

Today’s technologies provide a limited number of options, but the ongoing quest for bandwidth and speed continues.

The CAPANINA research and development program will lead to a radical new alternative approach – wireless broadband connections from airships stationed in the stratosphere.

At first glance the approach may seem strange, but the potential benefits are substantial. Wireless does not have the disadvantages of cable systems that can become prohibitively expensive in rural and semi rural areas.

An airship can cover a substantial area on the ground, typically 60km diameter, and can support around 1000 times more customers per sq km than current satellite based broadband can.

The CAPANINA project is of interest to:
  • Manufactures of equipment to support the infrastructure
  • Service providers offering broadband communications
  • Broadcasts
  • Content producers
  • End users ranging from individuals through to large corporations