National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Japan, was formed in April 2004, from the merger of the Communications Research Laboratory (CRL) and the Telecommunications Advancement Organization (TAO) of Japan.

NICT was established to carry out research and development in the field of information and communications technology, in an integrated manner from basic science to application, with the aim of supporting the high information and communication society of the 21st century as well as to provide comprehensive assistance to public and private organizations working in this field.

In 2002, CRL conducted the world’s first demonstrations on digital TV broadcasting in UHF band and third-generation mobile communications system (IMT-2000) in 2 GHz band by radio-relay at an altitude of 20 km using unmanned solar-powered aircraft under the collaboration with NASA, U.S.A. and several organizations.

They also conducted the telecom experiments in the 28/31 GHz bands and the 47/48 GHz bands by using helicopter station-keeping at an altitude of 3 km.

NICT’s specific expertise includes multibeam antennas, optical link interconnections, spectrum sharing, proof of concept telecoms experiments.

NICT will potentially contribute in several areas, including future telecoms trials and radio resource management.

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