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First Year Trials (31 Jan 2005)
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Broadband Trials implemented by the CAPANINA consortium have been successfully carried out in the UK.
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As an enabling step, the CAPANINA first year trials (carried out at Pershore, Wiltshire, UK) used a lower altitude tethered platform from which a series of critical radio and optical communications tests were carried out. SkyLINC Ltd , one of the UK based partners, successfully established a tethered aerial platform and implemented several preliminary radio frequency tests to and from the balloon. BTExact (part of BT) were able to utilise the platform to trial several broadband applications, such as Video-on-demand and high-speed Internet.

To conclude the tests, DLR, a German based partner, carried out some critical optical communication tracking tests. Optical techniques offer very high data rate communications and are being developed to provide links between two aerial platforms or between an aerial platform and a ground station (Backhaul). This is an essential link in the chain to provide broadband wireless radio communications from HAPs to large numbers of users on the ground.

CAPANINA aims to deliver wireless broadband at speeds of up to 120Mbits/second from aerial platforms such that rural, suburban and moving users can have cost effective broadband communications. The ultimate aim is to have a number of High Altitude Platforms placed in the stratosphere at altitudes of around 20km such that one platform can serve a region around 60km across.
Dr David Grace interviewed on BBC Radio World Service - Go Digital (26 July 2004)
 Growing interest in HAPs

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(The feature on HAPs starts around 8:30 mins into the programme)
Dr David Grace interviewed on BBC Radio 4's You and Yours (9 February 2004)
Broadband internet access could soon be two hundred times faster than current speeds. The Capanina Research Project, led by scientists in York, also aims to extend broadband access to rural communities and even moving trains thanks to High Altitude Platforms - airships or solar-powered gliders in the sky.
Dr David Grace explains how they could work.

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