-  New spin-out company.
Vialight Communications www.vialight.de is a new company formed to provide optical communications especially with HAPs. It involves some of our HAPCOS partners associated with DLR, and builds from work undertaken within HAPCOS and related programmes such as CAPANINA. It is very gratifying to see these technologies move to commercial exploitation.

-  An article on HAPs has been published in the Radio Science Bulletin of URSI. The authors are Jacob Gavan, S. Tapuchi, and David Grace.  ...  Download PDF

-  HAPCOS Follow-on?
Unfortunately our proposal for a follow-on action relating to HAPS and Remote Sensing was not successful. It is hoped that others will take the initiative to submit future proposals in the area of HAPs

-  New COST Action ES0802: Unmanned aerial systems in atmospheric research.
This related Action ES0802 has some synergy with HAPCOS. Details here and here

-  Related ICT COST Action IC0802 "Propagation Tools and Data for Integrated Telecommunication, Navigation and Earth Observation Systems."  ...  Further details can be found here.

-  Airship videos
There do seem to be a lot of interesting new activities on aerial platforms. For example:-
Information on the Q'netiQ 'Zephyr' programme
A "tadpole" airship test video from Bernd Kroeplin
NASA's "Strato-Pumpkin"

-  New book on HAPs!
We are delighted to see a new book published on HAPs. I think this is the first one to appear, with more to come we know. One of the authors is José Delgado-Penín, who is a COST297 member.  ...  Further details can be found here

-  HAPCOS Poster
We have produced a Poster about COST297. This is for all members and others to use at conferences, exhibitions etc., as part of the general dissemination activity. Please feel free to download it as either Powerpoint or PDF file.

This related Action has considerable momentum, and synergy with COST297.

Please visit its website http://www.cost-ic0603.org/

-  Hyperblimp Video
There is a video of Dan Gerry's Hyperblimp flying in Utah. This moves at up to 50km per hour, and provides approx 700 g of payload lift. Some of you may have seen Dan flying his hyperblimps at the Prague HAPCOS meeting.  ...  YouTube video link

This is the new magazine of the European Research Area. It can be accessed at the ec.europa.eu website.

-  COST2100
COST2100 is concerned with Pervasive Mobile and Ambient Wireless Communications, and has evident synergy with HAPCOS.
 ...  Details can be found here.

-  Worldwide patent database - free access

COST Office have drawn our attention to the largest worldwide patent database
This website gives you free access to more than 50 million patent documents from all over the world representing technical developments from 1836 until today.

In particular for the preparation of research projects within the 7th Framework Programme this tool with its easy to handle search engine can provide valuable assistance.

-  Registration of Experts for Research Activities
You can see here the Call for experts for FP7.
Click here for more details.