HAP Week Posters

The following table lists all the posters presented at York HAP Week.

Click on the title to download a PDF of the poster.

N.B. Some of these PDFs are VERY LARGE files and will take some time to download (depending on your internet connection speed). Additionally, as some posters contain complex diagrams, they may take a while to display once they have been downloaded.

1.Power Amplifier Linearisation - Eduard Bertran (UPC) (1MB)
2.Trial 2 Balloon and Flight Train - Marco Bobbio (CGS) (3MB)
3.Optical Comms & Trials - Joachim Horwath (DLR) (13MB)
4.Mechatronic steering platform & mm-wave patch antennas - Qin Xu (CSEM) (3MB)
5.Optical Transport Network Dimensioning Tool Andrej Vilhar (JSI) (11MB)
6.DSP implementation of ACM procedures for IEEE 802.16 Miha Smolnikar (JSI) (5MB)
7.DSP Implementation of Multipath Equalisers for HAPS Gabriel Montoro (UPC) (2MB)
8.Lens Antennas John Thornton (UOY) (1MB)
9.HAP business modelling software suite Pairoj Likitthansate (UOY) (3MB)
10.Three state mm-wave channel for trains Tomaz Javornik (JSI) (1MB)
11.Short-term stochastic channel simulator for HAP communications Emanuela Falletti (POLITO) (2MB)
12.Partners David Grace (UOY) (0.5MB)