Conferences and Events

IST Mobile and Wireless Summit 2005
Dresden, Germany 19-23 June 2005.

Visit the CAPANINA exhibition stand at the event

CAPANINA Papers on HAPs include

  T. Dreischer, A. Märki, B. Thieme, Fade-tolerant Beam Acquisition and Tracking for Optical Inter-HAP Crosslinks

D. Giggenbach, J. Horwath, Optical Free-Space Communications Downlinks from Stratospheric Platforms – Overview on STROPEX, the Optical Communications Experiment of CAPANINA

D. Grace, M. Mohorcic, M. Oodo, M. H. Capstick, M. B. Pallavicini, M. Lalovic, CAPANINA Communications from Aerial Platform Networks Delivering Broadband Information for All

A. Boch, E. Falletti, M. Laddomada, M. Mondin, F. Sellone, A Flexible Communication System for High-Speed Broadband Wireless Access from High Altitude Platforms: a CAPANINA Candidate
COST 297 - High Altitude Platforms and Other Services
Brussels, Belgium (provisionally) 13 July 2005
First International Workshop on High Altidue Platform Systems (WHAPS)
Athens, Greece, 7 Sept 2005.

In conjunction with Mediterranian Microwaves Symposim 2005

Draft Paper Deadline: 30 May 2005


International Workshop on Satelitte and Space Communications 2005 (IWSSC2005)
Siena, Italy 8-9 Sept 2005.
IEEE Symposium Personal Indoor Multimedia Communications (PIMRC)
Berlin, Germany, 11-14 Sept 2005.
Wireless Personal and Multimedia Communications Conference (WMPC)
Aalbourg, Denmark, 17 - 22 Sept 2005.
Joint Ka and Broadband Communications Conference and AIAA ICSSC'05 Conference
Rome, Italy, 25 - 28 Sept 2005.