Public Deliverables

The following deliverables have been created by the CAPANINA team.

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Description   PDF
Candidate applications and services for BB HAP delivery   D01
Potential collaboration with other FP6 and FP5 projects identified   D02
List of aspects to be experimentally validated   D03
Operational Web site for public use   D04
Project Summary   D05
Interface requirement specification for a HAP free-space optical crosslink terminal   D08
Report defining proposed specification of candidate broadband communication standards identifying critical aspects and technological constraints for the delivery of broadband services from aerial platforms  


Spectrum Sharing Studies for High Altitude Platform (HAP) Systems in the 28/31 GHz Band   D10
Strategy Document: Delivering Broadband for All from Aerial Platforms including commercial and technical risk assessments   D12
General network architecture requirements   D13
Report on propagation aspects and methods for mitigating the effects of propagation impairments.  


Report on required adaptations of radio interface and on baseband signal processing   D15
Report on adaptive beamforming algorithms for advanced antenna types for aerial platform and ground terminals   D17
Report on signal processing implementation on DSP board   D18
Report on raising public participation and awareness   D20
Final optical terminal design report   D21
Test results summary report - Part 1   D22a
Test results summary report - Part 2   D22b
Resource Allocation Strategies for Combined Fixed/Mobile Communications from HAPs - Part 1   D23a
Resource Allocation Strategies for Combined Fixed/Mobile Communications from HAPs - Part 2   D23b
Report on steerable antenna architectures and critical RF circuits performance.   D24
Technology exploitation "Road Map"   D25
Revised applications and Services for BB HAP delivery   D26
Report defining network architecture and protocols (including interoperability issues and routing)   D27
Report detailing the implementation aspects of signal processing for aerial platform and ground terminal beamformers   D28
Final Plan for using and disseminating Knowledge   D29
Final Project Exhibition showing clear results of the teams work and providing a potential direction for future related research   D30