Contraves Space AG

Contraves Space AG (CSAG) is a company within the Unaxis group with more than 30 years experience in the space business in general and in particular in the design, manufacturing, testing, integration of spacecraft structures (launcher fairings and satellite cells) and mechanisms as well as in the field of electro-optical systems.

This position has been gained from a number of ESA projects Short Range Optical Inter-Satellite Link demonstrator (SROIL) project, Inter-Satellite Link Front-End (ISLFE) project and Optical Crosslink (OXL) project.

CSAG has the capability to simulate the pointing, acquisition and tracking sub-system or the communication sub-system.

The dynamical processes in the sub-systems, also transient processes and logical decisions for mode switching can be simulated close to real-time conditions using hardware-in-the-loop approaches.

Furthermore, CSAG well equipped test facilities allow functional performance tests of prototype optical free space terminals.

All these facilities will be used to develop and test a reliable optical beam steering and tracking concept for optical crosslink terminals on HAPs (17-22km) in this project.

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