BTExact Technologies

BTExact - is a division of British Telecommunications plc, providing research, design and development services to the BT group and to external customers. It has around 3500 staff.

Resources will be provided by the Wireless Networks Unit, which comprises around 30 experts in wireless and satellite communications.

Over the past years, the staff have carried out technical studies on HAPs and related services in order to keep BT operating divisions aware of the opportunities.

The unit has expertise in all aspects of radio and satellite communications, from the air interface, through protocol performance and network design, to network management.

As Workpackage 1 leaders, they will look after service provision aspects.
This will include the development of suitable business models for the aerial platform architectures, selection of appropriate services, as well as coordinating the communications aspects of the BFWA trial of new broadband services.

BTExact will provide much of the non-RF ground based trial equipment.

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