CAPANINA was a project exploring the development of broadband communications capability from aerial platforms or HAPs (High Altitude Platforms). Funded by the European Commission as an FP6 STREP, it was active from late 2003 until late 2006, and involved a number of European partners.

As the project is now finished, these web pages and their links are not being updated, and remain roughly as they were in 2006. However, we are retaining them here for the interest of the reader. There is no active support for these pages, and please do not expect all links shown here to still be operational.

The project was co-ordinated by the Communications Research Group at the University of York Enquiries may be still be addressed to David Grace or Tim Tozer.

A link of particular interest may beHAPCOS (COST Action 297) - although that is now also basically completed.

(Links to the preceding HeliNet project are now sadly defunct).

Tim Tozer 4 March 2010


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